I won this NaNoWriMo!

Final Tally: 52,096 words.
I feel so accomplished.
Actually, let me express it in gifs.

                Right now, I feel like this:

                     And this:

(that’s me in the back, spreading the news. That manager = my friends and family)
(source: tumblr)

By now, I have written three novels. Two of them are sucky and will never emerge out of the inner labyrinths of my hard drive.
But this?
I feel funny. Like I’m missing a limb. For the last two novels, I just wrote them on the fly and never looked back. But this one, I feel disoriented.
I think I need a break.
But for this novel, I think I’m going to revise and edit it. See where it takes me. Build a Neanderthal writing cave and move in.
I really think I need a break.
This would be nice, eh?
                                        Welcome to Arizona.
                                        (Too bad I don’t live anywhere near there.)

                                                      (source: scottsdalearrivals.com)
 I guess a break from writing would just suffice.

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