You Know You Have a Story When…

Okay, I could have just gone ahead and titled this post “Vacation Time”.
Because right now, that is what I am “technically” on.
Ya-huh. I’m totally chillin’ at this location right here:

Just kidding. I’m stuck in my home. Mental vacations, anyone?

I’m all done and finished with my rough first draft. (And I mean very rough). I give myself a mandatory week to let the manuscript cool before I dive into a round of revisions, with a tight seven-week schedule for a completed second draft. I’ll be filling in some holes, rounding out the characters, and…having a whole load of fun? I guess?
Revisions don’t have to be bad. Actually, I’m pretty excited.
Like, overly excited. And that’s my problem right now. I literally CANNOT wait to get into revisions! I really don’t know why, because I’ve never felt this way about any of my previous manuscripts. Usually, the idea/story/plot is so bad after the first draft that I just walk away and leave it in the depths of my hard drive. But this time? I have an idea I actually like.
And this week is torture. 
I need this break. But I cannot wait until Saturday, when I’m finally able to print out a hard copy at Kinkos. And then it will be index cards and highlighting and colored pens galore.
I’ve gotta say this: you know you have a story when you are just begging for revisions.
I’m all kinds of excited, guys.

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