Ah, the chills!

I’m a fan of Andi Buchanan, the author who co-wrote the book The Daring Book for Girls with Miriam Peskowitz. Way back when I had first read her book, I fired up an excited email to her (my first email to an author. Ever.) and–by miracle of miracles–she responded!
We maintained our correspondence over the years, and once I posed a question to her. I was writing this dystopian novel at the time, and I had this sub-plot where my characters fall in love. As of then (and still as of now) I have not experienced falling in love. (I have had some crushes, though–oh, yes.) But that mutual relationship? I knew nada. Zero. None.
And then she answered the question–in a writer’s conference! She talked about me and gave me compliments that were really touching (and more than I was worthy of :]).
My reaction?
“AHAHA-that’s-AHAHAHA-me-AHAHA-Oh my God, she’s talking about me!”
Yeah. I get a little overexcited sometimes.
But it was a strange experience, hearing someone talk about me. It gave me chills. Happy chills. It was my first step into what you would call….fame?
I don’t know. Maybe later, I might include a link to the video.
But man, am I excited for the future.

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