On Mood and Screenwriting

I’m a writer of novels, I know.
I lately have been looking into screenwriting outlining tips and methods in order to spur my own outlining for my rewrite.
Also, I’m doing the Phase Outlining by Lazette Gifford. Basically, you do a very detailed version of an outline, with about 200 words to summarize each scene in a truncated fashion.
I was stuck, though–there were so many loose ends to tie up, so many plotholes to fill. *Sighs*. Story dragons. What can you do about ’em?
Also, writing like a 10,000 word phase outline sounded daunting–even if it would make my story 726,840 times easier to write.
But I had this sort of minipiphany (yes, I just invented it) and I realized the essence of each scene.
It’s the mood.
I might be wrong about this, but in each scene in a movie, upon more discovery, there’s always a mood. If I can form my scene around a mood, it will be easier to write. Right?
I hope so. Now I should go crank my timer and get to work. 

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