Update…and BEA countdown!

Just a quick update.
Yesterday, I pounded out 4,000 words (How? I am in shock.) But today, I am paying for it because my batteries have been effectively sucked up.
I’m a third of the way through the novel, maybe more. But right now, I feel….lethargic. Yes, that’s the right word.
I’m in the drama, the fun and games part of my novel. But the scenes don’t feel connected, really. Maybe this is just because  I’m writing in Scrivener, so I tend to skip around and write all the interesting scenes…and the scenes that I feel like writing at the moment.But I hope it turns around.
But I can’t help but get excited when I realize that BookExpo America (BEA) is less than a month away! *squeals*
This will be my first ever book conference/convention of any kind, and I am super pumped. Oh, the authors! The aura of tons of paper, bound together into volatile, beautiful works of art!
But right now, I have a headache (too much staring at the computer) so I will go get some sleep and hope that by morning, I will not be a zombie anymore.
One last thing–Today, author Veronica Roth finally posted her cover reveal for her Divergent Book 3, Allegiant! Go check it out–and have an excited aneurysm like I did.

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