Rewriting…change of scenery

Slogging through the second rewrite, third drag. Actually, not slogging, but I actually quite like it. It’s more complicated than the second draft, and tons better than the first…

My novel involves elements of imperial China. I’m trying to capture and dramatize the court scandal and plotting, the assassinations…they are incredibly fascinating. 
Guys, I am actually excited for my novel. 
But now it deviates away from the court scandal, into a totally different aspect of the novel–I’ll be leaving the palace for the streets of Anchen, my resemblance of Beijing. It will be a totally different world…
But right now, I am making inspiration boards. You know Pinterest? There is a really cool alternative that is like a cross between Evernote and Pinterest, and is amazing. It’s called Padlet. Go check it out!

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