You know how I had a post back last November about how I should stay all Spartan and type my stories on word?
Yeah, a month ago, I bought Scrivener.
I’m not going to go all googly-eyed and droll on about how amazing it is (though it absolutely is), but after buying the software, I do like it. Very much.
See, I don’t use the corkboard thing or even the inspector indes-card thing. 
See, I never knew that I was a write-out-of-order kind of girl. I thought I progressed linearly. But sometimes, while writing, I would hit a roadblock and either a) plug away at it with teeth-gnashing desperation or b) try to ignore it, and then I would remind myself that I had to get  this whole draft done in 10 more days and I’m behind already in which I revert to option a.
But Scrivener?
I love how I can just piece together scenes. I love how I could say, “Well, this next scene doesn’t sound interesting…I’ll go work on something else and fill the holes later.”
And it works.
I love it.

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