These Summer Days

Sometimes I don’t know how to title these posts.

But as of now, I’m sitting in the family library, and from the view out the windows, it is a perfect brooding gray outside. Of course, a rain day.

Rain days create this certain aura of nostalgia, and they create this sort of closed-in atmosphere that is…cozy, I guess. I don’t like cloudy days, but I love days that storm and rain, where I’m safe inside, reading classics on the sofa while the skies above throw a loud fit. 

Writing is slow. Everything is slow. Of course, when I am trying to chug through revising/rewriting in a month because this rewriting business has gone a bit far too long, writing a thousand words a day is considered terribly dragging. Today’s the last leg of my rewrite for Part 1.

I’m thinking about making myself a cup of tea right now.

I suppose I should focus on a bit more objective thing, such as writing a post on the craft of writing or something. But I shy away from the idea, because in reality, I am still very much a beginner. I am still learning a lot.

And I’m not really trying to gain a big readership, not right now. I don’t really care about subscribers or comments or regular readers. For now, I just want something so I can look back in the future, and read what my thoughts were back then. I like tangible records, and I’m not a good journal-keeper.

Well. That’s all for now.

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