Stuff in August and General Bookish Excitement


School has begun, which means that a LOT of things are picking up pace. Summer has changed, from slogging, hazy days that pass by in a trickling morass, and into days full of getting lost in hallways and meeting new teachers and seeing your old friends and gearing up for another school season.
Speaking of seasons…
Wow. There’s a LOT of hype surrounding a book called The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon. TV shows, magazine articles–it’s been featured in everything from the Today show (the very first pick of their new book club!) and the People magazine. I briefly saw Samantha Shannon back in June, at BEA–I really had NO idea that she was part of such an explosive series! 
And look at that cover…

Delicious, I know. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

But I’m also reallyreallyreally pumped for something else. 
Yup. You saw that. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Coming out this Tuesday.
That has gotta be the most badass cover I’ve ever seen. 
I’ve heard people who managed to snag an ARC at BEA gush and froth at the mouth over it and say it’s the best book ever and no, they refuse to read other fantasy books this year because nothing else can quite manage to attain the awesomeness of Celaena. 
I am SO. SO. excited. Like, jumping-off-my-chair-because-I-know-it’s-gonna-kick-serious-butt excited. 
In other news, I’m taking a wee break from TeaNovel. But it doesn’t matter, because my time will be occupied with piles of schoolwork and that timer that ticks down the days until Crown of Midnight comes out.

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