And then I don’t feel alone.

Another post for today.

So a few weeks ago, I posted about meeting up with Sarah J. Maas, author of the Throne of Glass series (No, like seriously. Read it. READ IT.) I talked about how I was so awed and humbled by her, because she worked on the story for a freakin’ TEN years and now she has tons of amazing fans and she made it on the NY Times bestseller lists.

Her books are amazing. But look carefully on her blog, dear reader. There, she has the most honest, beautiful, inspiring posts.

I go on her blog often when I’m down, because she doesn’t have technical posts, such as how to worldbuild or how to submit to publishers. She tells us a story, a long, winding tale of her road to publication.

It starts in 2007/2008, when she first starts blogging. And as I read her posts, going back all the way to when she first graduated out of college, revising Throne of Glass (it was Queen of Glass at the time) .

She talks about her rejections, about life, about how to reach for your dreams. And she posts this:

I read that today…and I teared up.

Because she works so hard, and she shows it. She doesn’t hide her troubles, but she doesn’t complain. Sarah is honest, thoughtful. She tells her story like no one else.

She works. Hard. She wrote the book through high school and college. Through vacations, cutting classes. She rewrote and edited it until it was better, many times over. She is the only one who even dared to kick Celaena’s ass–her amazing, steelhearted, stubborn main character.

She writes; “If writing had things like boot camp or practice or tryouts, I would have been the first one on the field and the last one to leave. I would have been the one running so hard they puked.” 

“But I’d go to sleep at night, unable to stop dreaming about this one book, which had gobbled up so many years of my life, for which I’d honestly walk through hell to get published. 

That’s what you do, though–when you want it badly enough, you start to realize that the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. And once you realize there are no limits–THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO WHAT YOU CAN DO–nobody and nothing can ever hold you back.” 

And I admire her so. much. more. 

Because I want to dream, too. Sometimes I go to bed, so excited about the book industry, dreaming so hard, that I can’t fall asleep. There’s this constant ache in my heart, where I want something so badly, and I’ll do whatever the hell it takes. I look at the shelves of a library or a bookstore, and they are my heroes. They are the ones I look up to. 

Because I want to share a story of my own. And I don’t know where the path will take me. But I’ll work, harder than anybody. I’ll write and rewrite. 

Because I’m going to write an effing good book, and no one is going to stand in my way. 

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