stuff to do

Okay, so today I played at my last piano competition.

*whew* That’s out of the way.

(After a hugely stressful week, you have no idea how much joy it brings me to sit in sweats and type out a blog post.)

So after these few crazy weeks, I will have the entirety of Winter Break to study for final…and revise!!!


I have tests, projects, stuffs and stuffs to do, so for this week and the next, well…I hope it passes fast.

Right now, here are my goals:

-Dec-Jan 2013/2014: Finish last edits on TeaNovel, and then start querying/sending it out.
-Rest of Jan 2014: Plan out my SuperShinyNovel.
-Feb-April 2014: 2nd draft overhaul/rewrite of SuperShinyNovel.
-Nebulous time in the summer/fall of 2014: Query SuperShinyNovel.

That makes me a tiny bit nervous to type out. But my plan is to wrap TeaNovel up, and then while I’m querying it, I’ll take my mind off of it by focusing on my current novel.

I seriously have no idea what to expect.

So yeah.

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