The new year is upon us.


I hope 2014 is going to be a great year 🙂

My heart’s full of goals and dreams and wishes, but I shall leave you with two songs:

Team, by Lorde–what more can this song say? It’s about teens who are growing up, discovering that the world is not as perfect as it was portrayed, but loving their lives anyways.

My favorite line: “We live in cities…you’ll never see onscreen, not very pretty but we sure know how to run things.”

I’m changing and evolving this year. Even in the writing world–these two blog posts by Jessica Spotswood and Erin Bowman open up and are honest about the good and the bad side of the very competitive book industry, how it is not all glamor and promotion and book tours–and how sometimes, you may not live to your expectations.

But I’m happy writing. I’m love the world I’m in. I  am in love with storytelling and writing novels and creating places and emotions out of a sea of words. It may not be the shiny, instant NY Times Bestseller life that others see, but I love it. My dreams still hold steady, but I want to love the world I’m surrounded in, regardless of how imperfect it seems.


It’s Time, by Imagine Dragons.

I love this song to death. And I think the words–“It’s Time to Begin…” are perfect for the New Year and for the hopes I have in me.

Any songs to define your goals this year?

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