Song rec

Sometimes I encounter some sounds so pleasing to my ears and so meaningful that I feel like I should share it to spread the goodness of it.

Especially the lyrics:

“We will have to cross the ocean
This is the price we’ll have to pay
Standing just these know it’s good for you and me. 
There is gold beneath the ashes
No matter what I have to say
There is a roaring sea there passing hard to find
And I dream of Zarathustra
Sailing through the Caspian Sea
Oh, the way the shining heart is
The fire of the Northern light.

We can build the temples for our fires, 
Set the world ablaze.
Whatever, after all this the way we chose
The beginning and the end 
Send me back to the Rockefeller joys…”

(adapted and revised from

There’s so much about this song that speaks of the journey–of the sacrifices and goals of reaching something that is “the beginning and the end”. 

And also the music is amazing. I love it. 

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂

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