A bit of a beginning

Hey guys! It’s March!

*peers outside at snow*

*shrinks back in*

I’ve finallyfinallyfinallyFINALLY finished revisions/edits on TeaNovel/Lilies. After about a year and a half of working like mad over it (getting torn apart and put back together and then getting torn apart again and then…) It feels great. Now that I’ve taken a step away from it, it turns out that its not actually as bad as I thought it was in the midst of revisions. Things may be looking up…

I think that now that TeaNovel revisions are over, I’m going to go back to the novel I wrote in NaNoWriMo ’13–the book of Magical Things. I’ve actually crafted a playlist, little by little, of the novel and every time I hear Bravado by Lorde or Illumielle by Jo Blackenburg, I’m instantly transported back into those awesome days of November. (Awesome, crazy, hectic, insane, but mostly awesome.) And I know there will be some more head-splitting revisions involved…but man. I’m excited.

In the Life of Christina, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks and scrambling around, and I have a strong sense that things will start to get even crazier/busier in the coming months. I feel like in the midst of all this running around, this blog is like a nice little cupcake shop I can tuck into when I have that little pocket of time. Nom.

Now that I’ve started to take one step away from the project that basically defined my last year, I realize that I’m so glad 2013 happened. In retrospect, it was a little hazy and some parts of the year were awful and I was basically stumbling around, completely clueless about writing and revisions and blogging and the “industry”, but to see what I was like in 2012 and to see what I’m like now…2013 was really a year that bridged that gap and taught me so much stuff about writing and about the process, and where before I was the perfectly oblivious, slightly reclusive writer, now I’m opening up, and I’ve met so many cool people!

Here’s to an even more awesome future.


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