Blog Update: Querying, Divergent Movie, and Ben and Jerry’s


Thing 1.

I have found my Ben and Jerry’s Flavor.

Cherry Garcia, you are mine.

This is at the top of my list because I know my priorities. 
Thing 2.


1) “Wheeee! Oh, wow, I’m finally QUERYING agents! Shiny, professional agents!”
2) Waiting.
3) Waiting.
4) “There’s still some Nutella in the jar…”

After a long, hard series of revisions (mostly hard; revisions/rewrites took about a year and a half), querying feels like something NEW. As it should. People say it’s a rollercoaster–and I agree. There are a *lot* of emotions involved. The story’s been living in my own head for so long that now that I’m sending it out…

(Waiting is hard. Querying is hard, and slow. BUT–a part of me is in complete awe of agents. Think about it–if you ate the same kind of food every day, wouldn’t you tire of the it pretty quick? Like, agents are the ones who read unsolicited manuscripts EVERY DAY in search of that one project out of many that they like. It’s their job. They still love books, even after reading thousands of them in their various raw, unpolished forms. And they also do all this sweet publishing negotiation stuff that personally would make me weak in the knees. At the end of the day, they’re super-objective, but you gotta admire them for their stuff, ya know? *claps*)

Anyway. Thing 3.

Divergent movie.

It was good. Not a-FREAKING-mazing like Catching Fire. It was…good. I personally looooved the book, and even though I read it once 3 years ago (wow, three years? Time has gone fast), I still remember virtually every detail of the book. The movie? I feel like they did the best they could with the book, and it turned out okay. Loved that quick shot of Veronica Roth at the bungee-jumping scene, though. =)

Among other news: Snowed in Chicago Yesterday, All My Friends Are in Mexico, and I Love My New Snuggie.

Happy spring, everybody! 😉


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