Music Monday and Camp Nanowrimo

(Ooh, look, it’s 64 degrees and sunny! I thought this spring would never come…)

So today will be the music edition–in which I share three songs that I’ve been listening on repeat this week. 
1. On Our Way by Royal Concept

I *love* this song. My sweet spot in music is a combo of alternative/pop tunes (although I can’t resist a unique alternative beat), and I feel like this song is perfect for me–light, fun, with great lyrics.

2. Bon Voyage by Marlene

This is like the other side of my alternative taste–this one is definitely unusual, but catchy. This is the song I’ve actually been writing my queries to (and the song title is rather appropriate, lol)

3. The Smallest Piece, from the soundtrack of Beasts of the Southern Wild

Out of the three, this might be my favorite. Actually, it’s one of my favorite soundtrack pieces of all time (and I hoard soundtracks like crazy). (Also, I will probably have to see this movie soon because the trailer made me cry.) It’s magical and breathtaking; it’s been the cornerstone piece of inspiration for one of the novels brewing in my head…

Speaking of novels…

Camp Nano.

Sadly, I’m not doing it this time because I have an insane schedule. Next month, I’ll be lucky if I even have time to write/revise like, a chapter or something, and have maybe refresh my inbox another 234598703 times for query updates.

BUT. I will be cheering on from the sidelines. 2012 Camp Nano was the first time I successfully completed a 50K novel in a month–so it’s an event very close to my heart.

To all of you setting forth tomorrow into NaNoLand–

HAPPY (almost!!!!) APRIL!!!! I have to think of a trick to play on my friends tomorrow…

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