A little look into TeaNovel

After I did the “Writing Process Blog Hop”, I decided to go a little into the novel I’ve been working on for a while (and am now querying). Today is a little bit of a “teaser package” for my story that I’ve been talking my ear off about.  Songs, outlines, visions, snippets…it’s featured here today.
This was–is–my editorial vision for TeaNovel. 

I guess this was my “revision” plan, in the very literal sense–I was “re-visioning” my story.

I want readers to be immersed into a beautiful, detailed, imaginative world.

I want readers to be sucked into mystery–I want to build intrigue that makes the story hard to put down.

And I want a memorable character. My main character isn’t an incredible kick-ass at the beginning of the novel. She’s spent her life fading into the shadows; she’s a little tragic, a little broken.  But she has a story to tell. She has a quiet strength inside of her. And she is the one who saves the people around her–and herself.

 The “song” of this novel:

Maybe it’s the opening chords, or the background instrumentals, or Lana’s sweet, sad voice…there’s something in this song that stayed with me throughout TeaNovel’s hardest rounds of revisions. This was the song I kept going back to, the song whose mood seemed to sum up the essence of the novel. (Even though the lyrics have nothing to do with the story 🙂 )

And a teaser:

It was spreading, filling the air with the sickly sweet scent, until I gagged and doubled over as the smoke filled my head…
They were moving towards me. The lily smoke was filling the room. I clutched the knife until the edge of the blade sliced into my own fist.
A long shriek echoed around the room. The knife trembled in my hand, the smoke stinging my eyes. My head spun.
Time and time again, I had thrust out the knife, and ran.

This time, I stood against him, and I lost.”

Sooo…that’s it, I guess? I feel like a teaser like this was a little overdue, since I’ve been talking about this WIP for so long…:P

Next post will probably be on spring things and the lack of chocolate. May involve some tea.


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