oh hello.

There’s been a lot of radio silence on my end! A bit of time has passed, enough to make me think I’ve forgotten how to blog (that thought’s silly, but still.)
 “Shake it Off” by Florence + the Machine has been on replay all week. I go through phases where I periodically come back to Florence and the Machine (her new album is GORGEOUS). I love the intro to “Shake it Off”, and I feel like it really syncs with my own writing cycle.  I spent much of March and April finishing up a lot of things I’d been previously hanging on to, assignments not finished, and so as I came to May I feel as if there’s a new start of sorts. I’ve also been obsessed with the Woodkid remix of Lana del Rey’s Born to Die (Woodkid + Lana del Rey = HELL YES). I always seem to have some sort of Lana song on replay. I’m not sure why I love her so much, but I think it’s about how she creates her art and her image. Based purely on the lyrics of her songs, I could never imagine myself in a Lana-type world, but I absolutely admire how deftly she creates a distinct type of music for herself and for the music world, whether intentional or not. It’s kind of like that Maggie Stiefvater quote, like how she admires this one artist because you could look across a room and see one of his paintings, and know he created it.  I’ll link that remix and another song below as my inspirations for this week.
I’ve been drafting up new ideas and perusing Tumblr and Pinterest for visual tidbits of inspiration. I hope I can get to drafting them soon, but I have a pretty solid feeling that it’ll either take a ton of outlining or a madcap noveling dash like NaNoWriMo to get me started. Both ideas first came to me around two years ago, and they’re been ruminating in my head ever since. I’ll see where I go with those!

Happy spring! The weather’s cranked up to the 80s this week, and if I’m not sneezing my head off from my spring allergies, I’ll be outside in the gorgeous weather and daydreaming. 🙂

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