You know how I had a post back last November about how I should stay all Spartan and type my stories on word?
Yeah, a month ago, I bought Scrivener.
I’m not going to go all googly-eyed and droll on about how amazing it is (though it absolutely is), but after buying the software, I do like it. Very much.
See, I don’t use the corkboard thing or even the inspector indes-card thing. 
See, I never knew that I was a write-out-of-order kind of girl. I thought I progressed linearly. But sometimes, while writing, I would hit a roadblock and either a) plug away at it with teeth-gnashing desperation or b) try to ignore it, and then I would remind myself that I had to get  this whole draft done in 10 more days and I’m behind already in which I revert to option a.
But Scrivener?
I love how I can just piece together scenes. I love how I could say, “Well, this next scene doesn’t sound interesting…I’ll go work on something else and fill the holes later.”
And it works.
I love it.

I didn’t reach 10k.

But I reached 7k!
So far, my word count on my novel is 61,090 words.
I don’t think the novel is going to be 85k. It will probably land somewhere in the 75k-80k range, which sort of elicits a sigh of relief from me. Sort of.
See, the thing is, if the thing ends up at 80k, I already know that there’s 10k worth of material I’m taking out from the beginning, which makes it 70k…
Which makes more room to expand? Maybe?
I’m taking a crack at this thing again tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will try for at least 4,000 words.
Easy enough, right?

This is insane.
I have school off tomorrow, so…
I am going to try for a 10k day tomorrow.
And I’ll fail.
But 10k is just an arbitrary number. My record is 6,000 words a day, and after two consecutive days of that, I had writer’s burnout for two weeks. Last Wednesday, I wrote 4k (in a school day! Can you believe it?) and I was burned out the days after.
I don’t want to stress myself, since I have tests and projects and whatnot.
Tomorrow, I will write like hell.
Cue epic music, pep talks, and bribes.
I’ll keep you updated.

Slogging through the second rewrite, third drag. Actually, not slogging, but I actually quite like it. It’s more complicated than the second draft, and tons better than the first…

My novel involves elements of imperial China. I’m trying to capture and dramatize the court scandal and plotting, the assassinations…they are incredibly fascinating. 
Guys, I am actually excited for my novel. 
But now it deviates away from the court scandal, into a totally different aspect of the novel–I’ll be leaving the palace for the streets of Anchen, my resemblance of Beijing. It will be a totally different world…
But right now, I am making inspiration boards. You know Pinterest? There is a really cool alternative that is like a cross between Evernote and Pinterest, and is amazing. It’s called Padlet. Go check it out!